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13 Oct 2019 - Moving web host

As some of you may or may not have noticed, for the last week our database server has been slow as hell. I have contacted support about this multiple times but have been met with the typical responses. I have proved to them multiple times that their database server is overloaded but they keep trying to upsell and blame it on our site. This can...

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07 Oct 2019 - Old Player's

Reunanse Dioses...

Would you all like to get the steam servers up again? Me too.. The main thing keeping that from happening at this point is the lack of consistent donations. If any of you would like to contribute a set amount each month, please let me know. Even if it's $5 every month, it's a start. Realistically, I would like to see Admins and Root admins contrib...

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05 Oct 2019 - I miss all

i didn't get the chance to play with koko again shame it was all over here you will miss me

30 Sep 2019 - All donate plz!!

Please with $1 each we can keep sv every month without any problems! Hopefully you can help us get sv back! Let’s wait for his help!...
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