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23 May 2018 - 30$ Donation

Hello Everyone, the server bill is due very soon, I donated 30$ to help reach goal.

Cadi, with your approval, I’d like my donation to be on behalf of Hercules to become an admin+
I have been observing him lately and believe he fits the role as he spectates a lot, reports on forums and looks for other admins from other servers to h...

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22 May 2018 - Additional Sounds

I have compiled 25 new sounds for the server


18 May 2018 - Turtle's Buy Bind

So I made this quick little bind for buying all the items you need, In one bind!
Never bother with that pesky buy menu ever again! It buys: Ak47s, M4a1s, Flash-bangs, He-grenades and even Deagles!
Everything you need to take out that guy that rushes with a P90 every round! Usable on any map! Spam team flashes!
And just remember: If...

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18 May 2018 - Reloaded IV

What about this server you will bring back in the future Cadi was very popular
Server Reloaded IV With the addition of all the updates this will be a nice thought about this subject Cadi
And sorry for the translation
Warm greetings  :)

16 May 2018 - Help with Sprays

Hello everybody.
Somebody can tell me how i can put in the game an gif spray
Thanks  ;)
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