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Suggestions / [MAP] zm_echo_italy_reloaded
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:54:58 AM »
So I was looking around in my maps archive of old maps that used to be on our server and I found this cool map that should be added for sure. I think it's cool cause most of the guys currently like to camp and there are a lot of places to do so.. in addition it got places to barricade as well.

P.S. Pay attention, this is a Zombie Mod map

Link for it:

Let me know what you guys what you think of it!

Should this be added ?!

Map Talk and Creation / Re: Map perks for VIP/Admin Members?
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:27:45 AM »
Is it possible that you use this same idea for special access thing to get those users the restricted guns ?!

For example a VIP+ -that actually donated recently- gets the access for Awp in DeathMatch - GG - CS server!

That would be super cool to encourage players to donate more.. besides you working on adding VIP skins already, this should help a little the least.

Maps / Re: [MAP] [ZM-CS-DM-GG]_Act_Beach_[ZH_FiX]
« on: November 16, 2018, 06:38:03 AM »
That fairy view hotel, any team spawn in there or nearby seems to have the advantage as they have upper grounds. Especially if it gets added to deathmatch you might wanna consider adding a ladder or more like a fire escape -although I can't tell how it looks on the other side-.

Other than that it seems super cool to me.

v34 Legacy Servers / Re: [v34] ZoMBIE [-HIDEOUT-] -
« on: November 16, 2018, 05:46:15 AM »
there are a lot of good maps in that list that are marked for doom!! NOOOOO

Whatever I said was and is based on what players nowadays actually like and considering many factors as well. Such as:
- Players reaction to whenever a map they don't seem to like comes on!
- What are the things they seem to hate about it and is it worth to fix or it's just doomed!
- Is the map any good to keep to start with!
- Is it balanced on human and zombie sides...etc

I know it did seem too much to get rid of that much of maps, but we need to change few things around there as it's getting repetitive and boring for many players and they only stick to a few good maps that I kept in my list.. in addition I added more maps to be kept as they actually like. On the rest of these maps they mostly leave. Also Cadi idea about changing the voting system wasn't on the table, so I changed most of my decisions.. the rest are to be deleted for sure UNLESS you don't care about getting traffic.. then sure keep them!

Also keep in mind, Cadi is working on new maps to be added. Not to mention the escape maps that are about to be added on that server list, so with that much of maps.. the bad ones has to go for sure. You have to make the player interested about the game-play.. which is hard to do with the old not so good maps in place, a change must be made for sure!

Thanks man!

I do see some maps that should be left or fixed that are marked for deletion. Keep in mind, I will be adding support for map voting/cycling based on the player count. Maybe the list can be revised slightly with that in consideration.

More than anything we need to be rid of all the maps that are just bad or not worth fixing. Player count should only be considered if that map isn't very good.

You are more than welcome Cadi, hopefully your hard work pays off in making our community highly ranked worldwide.

I actually had no idea that you were working on such an amazing voting/cycling system, it should spice things up for sure. So I revised my list once again, like I said to burnt.. most of decisions were based on what players actually think -asking them through votes either "Do you like this map?" or "Delete this map?" and yeah them might be spamming was into consideration as well-, then I would mention what I think!

I couldn't agree more about getting rid of bad maps. It's a must nowadays.

I was hoping to share this idea as well.. is to make each map time around 20 mins only to change the cycle more often and therefore people won't get bored.. in case they want to play it more, there will be an option to extend it 10 mins more anyway in the upcoming vote in which it's always there OR an admin could actually help with that! Give me your thoughts on this.

ALSO, after editing my 1st comment it reached maximum characters so make sure to check my 2nd comment.

v34 Legacy Servers / Re: [v34] ZoMBIE [-HIDEOUT-] -
« on: November 15, 2018, 07:22:31 PM »
Due to reaching maximum characters after editing I added these onto this comment:

73. zm_tx_highschoolbeta7 ( Taking into consideration the new voting system, this one should be kept for now)

74. zm_urban_downtown_v2 My opinion ( Is to remove the special gun thingy, close these three cheap spots with a barrier: - - And this map might have a chance for not killing the traffic)

75. zm_utility ( Boring to play nowadays, it's no good to keep for sure)

76. zm_valley ( Not that bad and not that good either.. I can't tell whether to keep it on the list or remove it.. cause sometimes players gets annoyed and start trying to rtv if not they leave)

77. zm_vehiclecenter_b3 ( To be deleted for sure, it's just not that good anyway.. and seem players do agree as well )

78. zm_wasteyard_beta3 ( Not bad, so keep it)

79. zm_westwood_final ( This map isn't that bad of a map and isn't that good either. It's fun to play and fair for both zombies and humans. For now keep it )

80. zm_winter_forrest ( Not a bad map, it's a keeper for now )

81. zm_winterfun_b4a ( Boring one, always make players leave. Remove it, it's no good at all anyway.. nothing seems to be interesting about it at all)

82. zm_wtfhax_v6 ( Seems fun to have, I think you should keep both of its versions )

83. zm_wtfhax_v6b ( As above )

84. zm_wwt_twinssteel_v8 ( This map is huge and it seems boring to me to be honest. I think it should be removed for now.. as players already try to rtv whenever it comes OR just leave the server)

85. zm_zerbes_corruption ( Delete it, traffic killer for sure. Not good at all. )

86. zm_zerbest_green_rain_beta2 ( Delete it, traffic killer )

The Sorting of maps done, hopefully this helps you somehow and help the servers to bring more traffic!

As I said before, now the big load onto Cadi.. all thanks goes for him for the efforts.

v34 Legacy Servers / Re: [v34] ZoMBIE [-HIDEOUT-] -
« on: November 15, 2018, 08:04:35 AM »
This is the sorting of maps list of Unlimited and Reloaded as well -I did not include the escape maps on reloaded as they were all mentioned in the posts I made in escape maps list sorting-. Will be editing on this shortly!

RED=To Be Removed ( Either kept aside OR deleted for good.. I will be stating such a thing )
ORANGE=Needs fixing ( rarely to be found in regular maps )
GREEN=To be kept in the current map cycle

P.S. You will be seeing few with two colors combined, it means I wasn't able to decide between them.
P.S.S. If there's a " * " at the end of the opinion given next to a map name, then it means this belongs to "The Watcher".

1. zm_3dubka_v3 ( Traffic killer -we had about 5 players.. lost them down to 2 only- to be deleted for sure)

2. zm_420_office_v7_[zh_fix2] ( For some reason people like this version more than v8.. not sure why even though I tried to ask many, but wasn't able to get any clear answer. Although the two versions are to keep, they get us good traffic. On the other hand we need to delete other boring maps to prevent people starting getting bored of this one from playing it for too long. As they keep voting for it every chance they get)

3. zm_420_office_v8_[zh_Fix] ( Read above )

4. zm_4way_tunnel_i3d ( It's sorta boring as for being too big for a barricade map. I recommend it to be kept aside and taken off from the maps list for the time being. We lost all the traffic when I changed it to this map, sadly! Not a good map to keep)

5. zm_Base_day_v3_[zh_fix] ( Awesome map, this is to keep for sure. Now traffic-wise it's not a bad one. Although there's one glitch to mention about this one that needs a fix which is: at spawn whenever a person tries to get out the spawn rooms the first person that tries to, gets stuck into something invisible -It should be clear to see in this demo: now many already do a ztele to get out while they can, but newbies don't know so and they won't like it to be stuck right there!

6. zm_Cadi_Halloween_final_beta ( I have to be honest with you on this one. I love it.. I love every detail of it. Speedy guns, textures, piano playing at that room of your, music  and weed pot..and details that are hard to mention each one of it. I personally love it, BUTwhenever this map comes on many players just either leave OR rtv as soon as they are able to, I can't understand why though.. this used to be and will be always my favorite map of yours. But at the time being with the traffic we get.. I recommend to take it off the list for now until we manage the traffic. Although I think the reason is for it being kinda big and hard to catch up with it for them which is the same thing as it happened with 420 v8 when it got expanded, they liked the older one as being easy to search for humans much more to them -that's just my opinion-)

7. zm_Cadi_Hideout_v1 ( So far they seem to like it, I even asked personally each player was on there if they like it or not.. and everyone said yes. It's fun to play.. so it's a keeper for sure)

8. zm_Lila_Panic_vnv_[zh_fix3] ( Fun one, to keep for sure.. it actually brought more traffic)

9. zm_Monopoly_[zh_fix] ( Considering the change of voting system, I guess this could work a small number of players)

10. zm_athletic_factory_v4 ( Boring one.. has to be deleted. Not so good to keep, there far more better maps to consider that are better than this one )

11. zm_atix_helicopter ( To keep for sure )

12. zm_black_lion_macd_v8 ( I say to keep it.. even though it might gets boring with a few number of players. Better to have it than nothing)

13. zm_boatescape5_remix ( Delete this version.. add instead the zm_boatescape6_remix it's way fun as it has helicopter chopper in addition to boats, not mention boats start by map itself unlike the current version as players press the button and leave players behind to death. Not to mention all boats aren't glitchy at all, also the tram can be called once again to pick up others therefore more zombies can come that way. That other version is way more fun than this one for sure here's the link for it
 -it's a 4 MB sized map, making it easy to download-.
Here are few screenshots of that other version.)

14. zm_bumfight_v3 ( It's good, but make sure to make it on votes while players are more than 10 the least)

15. zm_city17 ( I think it's not a bad map, seems people to like it despite having few cheap spots which can be handled if an admin is around. To keep in the list for sure)

16. zm_clocks_final_fixed (This one is to be kept for sure. Everything about it is cool for the most part and people like it. There is one glitch related to the graphics though: From time to time my screen goes black during this map and when it comes back to normal it's not as bright as it should be. This has also happened to mam, which means it should be happening to other players as well. It is far from making the map unplayable though)*

17. zm_crazycity (This one is to be kept for sure. You'll hardly find someone who doesn't like this map. There is only a cheap spot inside the "AP building" that would do a lot of good if it wasn't there)*

18. zm_darkhouse_ocxv3 ( Seems okay, I think should be left in the list for now)

19. zm_deep_thought_v4_[zh_fix] ( Of course to be kept )

20. zm_desolo ( To be deleted for sure, with players approval. It's a traffic killer and not good at all)

21. zm_downtown ( Not bad, seems fun for many players. To be kept in the list)

22. zm_dustpanic_b2 ( Based on what I've seen so far most people actually enjoy playing it, keep this one)*

23. zm_farm2_nav72 (This is to be kept for sure, there's nothing wrong with it. But there is a lame (cheap) spot that people always get in and stay there forever and if there are no admins around nothing can be done.. Which means other players will get pissed:*

24. zm_fidlers-green_b2 ( To be removed, with players approval.. it's kinda boring to play)

25. zm_floating_rock_v5 ( Even though it's fun, but with bots it isn't fun at all for the first zombie player.. not to mention many cheap spots. I say for the time being, take it off the maps list)

26. zm_frightning_neighbourhood3 ( Boring one, to be deleted for sure with players approval)

27. zm_ghs_cartoon ( This one is traffic killer for sure, it's boring. Not to mention there's only one entrance to the teleport as shown in here: and if any player blocks the rest won't be able to pass through him.. so yeah without an admin online to help it's gonna make players leave for sure. To be deleted)

28. zm_ghs_wild_cbble_b2 ( Sort of boring and not worth keeping for sure. Not that good of a map )

29. zm_gl33m4x_errata ( after valve update this map became a traffic killer.. all the players camp only one spot this: and basically made players either rtv or leave out of boredom playing in the same spot every round. So yeah, for the time being keep it aside as I'm sure there are much more maps worth adding than this one. Not so good anyway)

30. zm_hellarch ( Even though I like this map, for being simple and easy.. but considering what players think. I have seen them leave whenever it comes on leaving the server empty. So keep it aside for now until we work the traffic out)

31. zm_house_outbreak4 ( This map isn't that bad )

32. zm_icearch_[zh_edit] ( This is the ice theme version of hellarch.. it's sorta of better than hellarch and players seem to really enjoy it. Although according to a few players, this one should be limited to a greater number of players. Let's say around 15 or so.)

33. zm_illmination_b2 ( It used to be fun to play, now players mostly leave whenever it comes on)

34. zm_industrial_rampage_fixed ( I think it's fun to keep such a map, not bad)

35. zm_industry_v2 ( Boring one, always a traffic killer)

36. zm_labys_secret ( Boring one )

37. zm_lila_office_v4 ( So far, fun to play. To be kept for sure)

38. zm_lila_office_remix ( I like this one, as usual fun to play)

39. zm_lila_panic_funmod_fix8 ( In my honest opinion this one is the only one of lila maps that should be actually removed.. it always has been boring to play and not fun at all. I say take it off the list for now as it isn't that good and we already have too many better version of it anyway OR you can add zm_lila_panic_v1337 which is similar to this, but a way better version of it even with trampoline which should be fun to jump on it. Link for downloading this other version:
Screenshots of v1337:

40. zm_lila_panic_sethensv3 ( To be kept for sure)

41. zm_lila_panicdark ( Best to be kept )

42. zm_lila_winter_b2 ( In this map players do not barricade at all, they just camp two spots mostly. Here - I'm not sure to keep it or not.. but if it gets removed I'm sure no will miss it so yeah)

43. zm_litown_zn ( Not a bad map )

44. zm_little_italy_v3_zn2  ( This map gets boring after playing a few rounds already.. it's too small in my opinion. There are further much more better maps to add than this one, but for the time being keep it)

45. zm_mars_wasteland_v2 ( Delete it without any regrets.. it's boring as hell)

46. zm_miniature_room_v1 ( To be deleted for sure, it's boring as hell and nothing seems interesting about it at all to me. Not to mention it's a traffic killer. Also all of the players tried to rtv already, but weren't able to rock it actually cause of one player)

47. zm_mk_map_v2 ( Boring one, it's a traffic killer for sure. This map isn't that much of a good map to keep in my opinion and many players left cause of it)

48. zm_moon_zombie_run_night ( I think the two version should be kept for now, it's fun to play for whomever wants to either barricade or camp a spot and even good for grenade planting.. so yeah it's a keeper)

49. zm_moon_zombie_run_v1 ( Read Above )

50. zm_moonlight_v2 ( Boring one, this map kills the traffic instantly whenever it comes on. The players even start to rtv after a few rounds and when it's not possible to change it they just leave.. resulting in an empty server most of the times when this map is on only playing with bots)

51. zm_neko_athletic_park_v2 ( I personally don't like it at all, but I have seen some players actually enjoy playing it and even voting to extend whenever a vote appears with such an option to do so)

52. zm_ocx_orly_v4 ( As the one above it, whenever it comes on players start to rtv.. it became boring to play such a map nowadays. Not to mention the cheap spot in this map that makes everyone leave right on when there's no admin to freeze the player as shown in picture: If you fix that cheap spot, it might have a chance of NOT being a traffic killer)

53. zm_old_abandoned_v3 ( This map actually could be fun to add to DeathMatch server.. as for zombie server I think it would be boring as hell to do so)

54. zm_resident_evil_fixed ( To be deleted for sure, this one isn't as fun as it used to be.. all the players camp only one spot making it even more boring with low traffic as shown in picture the room on right: Going down the ladders and hiding in the rest of spots isn't that much of fun either, as players don't bother to go down at all, they just keep trying to kill the ones in the spot I mentioned above. Not so good to keep)

55. zm_rockymountainfacility_v1 ( I think this one should be deleted for sure.. it's boring. Not so good of a map)

56. zm_roy_abandoned_canals_new ( Boring as hell to play this map nowadays.. it would kill the traffic even more, to which it does whenever it comes on. Not so good of a map)

57. zm_roy_barricade_factory ( The players camp only one spot mostly.. therefore making the game unbalanced and unfair for zombies. It's a traffic killer for sure. It's just a poorly made one)

58. zm_roy_highway ( This one is huge and gets boring walking almost alone for long distance without any actual players around you.. mostly the players just leave. I say to keep it off the list for the time being)

59. zm_roy_old_industrial ( Boring with players approval.. they instantly try to rtv whenever it comes on. To be deleted for sure)

60. zm_roy_the_ship_64 ( This one isn't that bad and until now it's playable and fun so far )

61. zm_roy_zombieranch_night_b4 ( To be deleted, it isn't fun at all nowadays. Players start rtv instantly as well. Not a good one to keep)

62. zm_rtr_dark_playground_b3a ( There's one cheap-ass spot that needs to be removed that always makes the players leave when no admins are on to freeze anyone gets in there here:

63. zm_ruined_town_v4 ( Burn it, remove it.. burn the hard drive with this map in it. Ever since CSS got updated this one always made players leave and it still does if they can't reach the numbers needed for rtv to change it)

64. zm_runbrun_v1 ( This one used to be fun back then when people did actually barricade, nowadays they just go to the cheap spots in it.. to which there are plenty of these in this map for example this one: Even though, they still like the map and it's fun to play to be honest. To keep it or not I'm not sure, although we had a good traffic on this one around 8-10 players and players did not want it to change at all -I tried to change it with a vote even to make sure.. all voted no-)

65. zm_salon_moon ( I think we should keep it for now, as it's fun to play and different than the rest of maps)

66. zm_small_river_nav72 (This is another good map. It's short, has places to barricade and camp.. it's fun to play. Keep it)*

67. zm_spacestationflee_v3 ( Although I like this map.. but it appears that most of the current players don't know how to escape in such a map, rather they are sticking with to camping a cheap-spot not related to escaping at all here: - another one here: -Also this one here: - This one as well: - This one too If you could fix all these cheap spots with a barrier to prevent them from getting in, I'm sure they will be starting to actually play it as it is. One might say they are gonna die anyway.. they will if someone actually knows how to escape this map in which nowadays almost none does, even so they still don't care if they die camping in there)

68. zm_temple_v2 ( Boring as hell to play this one, I think nowadays it's a traffic killer for sure with players approval)

69. zm_texture_city ( This one is a keeper for now, most of the players seem to enjoy playing it)

70. zm_titan_complex_v1 ( Delete it without any regrets, this map isn't good at all.. it's boring as hell)

71. zm_toxa_cold ( Not a bad map, fun to play.. especially for players that love to grenade plant on this map is their best choice for that)

72. zm_trandhelen ( TRAFFIC KILLER.. this map is huge and makes the players leave whenever it comes on.. this one is to burn for sure)

......::::::::: CHECK MY NEXT COMMENT FOR THE REST ::::::::::......

WOW, that's awesome guys. This will save me a lot of time. I'll get the the map cycle updated by this weekend.

If you have any interest in doing the same with the current ZM map cycle, it could use it as well.

I plan on working towards having only good maps on the servers going forward. I would prefer to distance myself away from fixing any more poorly made maps. I find myself spending way too much time fixing mistakes and realize later I could have built a whole map in less time. With that said, I have at least 6 maps that have been mostly fixed that will be added later. Any fixes or remakes I do after those, need to be really worth it. If somebody else would like to fix some of the salvageable maps, that would be great.

Most of the maps I'll be working on, will have ZM, CS, DM and GG support.

Good to know that actually would save you up much of your valuable time.

I figured you would want poorly made maps to be removed, which is why there are too many maps in the list are to either kept aside OR deleted for the time being. I actually did have my own thoughts of doing that after we managed to get the escape server done. You are correct the Unlimited and Reloaded could use a fresh up of cycle as many players stick to only a few maps that they actually enjoy and leave the game on the rest when it comes on, even though they leave as well after getting bored of the maps they usually enjoy. I will be starting to do it later on today.

I actually want to fix myself a few maps that are really worth adding at the time being, but I don't have the knowledge of how to do so. For example let's say I want to fix a map time.. Would that require much of work ?! and what do I need to be able to do such a thing ?! I would be more than happy and willing to give some of my time for such a thing!

good job mam   8)

Thanks SSI, much appreciated!

Great progress.. Surely we can finish it tomorrow, good job mam.

And we finally did. Thanks for the help though :)

Now the big work load is to be on Cadi himself doing the actual work. Big thanks to him in advance.
Hopefully this map sorting could help you even a little.

A Continue to my above reply -as it reached maximum letters!-.

60. ze_minecraft_final_fix ( I like the one before this more, as being shorter to escape.. this one takes times and with the minecraft music it makes you sleepy as hell. It needs a time fix and no-block as well)

61. ze_mirrors_edge_reb_v3_3_fix ( It is based on the actual game -mirrors edge- it got music, kinda different and fun to play.. it's mostly about climbing up and walking on walking on walls. No-block is needed in this one. I think it's worth considering to keep. Also each time the humans win there's something different about the route of escape.. so that's something to keep players paying attention and not get bored)
62. ze_mission_survive_p1 ( Boring, nothing special about it.. not worth keeping.)

63. ze_motanumInc_final ( Boring map, delete it.)

64. ze_mountain_run ( Nothing needs to be fixed about this one, it's fun to escape and short. Worth keeping with nothing to add on it.)

65. ze_mountainpass_v3 ( Boring, delete it. Besides it's huge.)

66. ze_mytex_escape_v1 ( It used to be fun and all back then, nowadays I think it would better not to add it to the servers. It could be a traffic killer for sure. It got a time issue of being less than 5 mins.)

67. ze_mytex_escape_v3 ( This one as above, but in this one the time issue is fixed to have 7 mins. Either way, this map shouldn't be added in my opinion.)

68. ze_naruto_v2_7e_fix ( To be deleted. It's only playable the first 5 mins of it. Not to mention it's big ass size.. took me sometime to download it.)

69. ze_nexo_lab_v0_1beta ( To be deleted, boring one as well.)

70. ze_nuke2_v1fix4_v34 ( This map is the escape version of de_nuke. It's actually cool and fun to play.. it feels different. Worth keeping for sure. Easy to escape as well.)

71. ze_outbreak_v2_1 (Boring map, nothing interesting about it at all.)

72. ze_paradise_v1 ( Wasn't able to play this map at all.. it kept generating walkable space -bots pathway- for ages. So yeah I can't tell.

73. ze_paranoid_reborn_v8 ( Paranoid maps are the coolest, but the sad truth they are traffic killers.. people get bored going through the maze. I personally love them both.. but I don't think it should be added currently. It should be kept aside though.)

74. ze_paranoid_v2 (As above)

75. ze_parkour_fix3_v34 ( It just feels retarded. Delete it without any regrets.)

76. ze_phantasy_escape_fixed_b1 ( To be deleted. Weird map, nothing about it is fun at all.)

77. ze_pirates_port_royal_v3_9_fix ( This map it has levels, on level 3 there's something about the ending of it.. it needs a fix. I think this map is cool.. but it would be too risky to keep such a map.. as it's long, but on the other side it is fun to escape as it is different than the rest. It feels like going through a story which makes you want to play it even more. It's fun, but no-block also needed besides that fix. I'm not sure if it's worth it to go through all the trouble.)

78. ze_por_island_v3_fix ( Weirdest map ever.. to be deleted for sure.)

79. ze_portal_story_v3_2f ( Boring, to be deleted for sure.)

80. ze_potc_iv_v5fix_v34 ( Delete it.)

81. ze_potc_v3_3 ( Delete it.)

82. ze_predator_ultimate_v4_fix ( Delete it.)

83. ze_prototype_v3fix ( For starter it needs a time fix, for some reason while playing this map.. the server crashed. This version should be deleted for sure.. not worth any fixing to it.)

84. ze_prototype_v7fix ( In this version they fixed stuff like brightness of textures.. mostly graphics-wise stuff. They didn't fix the time issue on the other hand. It's interesting map, but long.. I can't tell if it's worth keeping or not as I wasn't able to finish it up within 5 mins only.. can't be done!)

85. ze_raccoon_facility_v5c ( To be deleted for sure.)

86. ze_random_v17 ( This one auto-teleportation thingy in it keeps screwing up the game.. it does a sudden teleports many times making humans get killed by zombie without any notice about it. It's just weird map. I think it should be deleted as it seems broken to me.)

87. ze_rebicefacility2_v34 ( To be deleted. Basically boring.)

88. ze_reloaded_v1_fix ( To be deleted.)

89. ze_resonanace_cascade_v1_4 ( It's an old map, I don't think this one is good for traffic.. for now keep it aside. If it gets added to any of servers 1 or 2 it might screw up the traffic for sure.

90. ze_river_escape_v3_fix2 ( Fun, short and easy to play.. nothing needs to fixed about this one at all. I strongly recommend it to be added.)

91. ze_rollermins_factory_v4  ( As above )

92. ze_rooftop_runaway_extended_v6 ( To be deleted.. it doesn't make any sense at all, just weird crap)

93. ze_rtcw_ominous_rumors_v1f ( Boring one, it feels like going in circles.. basically stupid. To be deleted.)

94. ze_nuss_team_escape_v4_final ( Nothing is interesting about this map at all. To be deleted. Not to mention we couldn't figure out how the heck to nuke it at the ending of it)
95. ze_saw_final_fixed ( Now this map is one of my favorites.. the only withdraw is the time needs to be fixed.. we weren't able to finish it at all with only 5 mins. It needs more than that. This one should be added for sure, I love every bit of it.)

96. ze_sc_turtles_v5 ( This one is fun to play as well, it needs a time fix as well. Although it only needs 1 min more and that's it. This only should be added for sure.)

97. ze_sewage_processing_b7f ( It's different and fun, although needs a time fix, no-block and music volume needs to be turned down a lil bit. Other than that, this map is actually fun to play.)

98. ze_sewer_escape_v3 ( Long escape, not to mention it's boring to escape. To be deleted.)

99. ze_sg1_mission_v2 ( This one is huge to escape nowadays, even though it's fun to do so.. but I don't think it's a good idea to add it nowadays.)

100. ze_showdown_v4_1 ( This map it would be a traffic killer for sure nowadays. As above, I don't think it's a good idea to add it. With low numbers it's boring as hell to escape it.)

101. ze_shroomforest_v6_fix ( It's just boring, it has 3 levels and none of them were exciting. In the second level the waiting is just too much, there is a moment where I did wait for 10 seconds and then like ten steps ahead I had to wait 20 seconds more.. then 40, and it was just not worth it. The bosses don't even attack us, they just stand in there waiting for us to kill them. It would also need at least 2 more minutes in each level and no-block added. NOT worth keeping it)*

102. ze_siberia_1990_v1_2f ( It's good for escape mod, but it would not be a good idea to have it on server 1 nor 2.. the mission takes 7-8 minutes and it gets extremely boring after a couple rounds -the music doesn't help much either- also it has auto-tele so no-block is a must. I wouldn't bother with this one for now, it's a traffic killer)*

103. ze_skyscraper_city_v5fix_v34p ( Think of an extremely boring version of ze_mirrors_edge_reb_v3_3_fix. One more thing: when I was teleported as a zombie I got stuck and my screen would not stop shaking and it also needs no-block enabled. Definitely not worth keeping it, keep mirrors edge instead.)*

104. ze_slender_escape_b4_fix ( Could not finish this one due to the time being short, but I saw enough to tell you that this map is just weird and plenty boring and no-block would be needed. Delete it)*

105. ze_slender_escape_b4_fix2 ( Same thing as the one above)*

106. ze_sorrento_escape_v5 ( A lazy map.. nothing special nor cool about it at all. Don't even bother with this one, delete it)*

107. ze_spaceflight_v2 ( Same as the one above, a lazy map).*

108. ze_sst_b2_1 ( It is a great map and fun with a much more traffic than we get nowadays, better keep it aside for now)*

109. ze_stab_town_panic_fix ( It's not a great map at all, it's boring. I don't think it should be considered)*

110. ze_stalker_ultimate_a2_6_fix ( This map is boring, there is nothing interesting about it. There is auto tele so no block would be needed and the trees eat lots of FPS. It's not worth keeping this map.)*

111. ze_standart_map_final_fix (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A mix of dust + dust_2 + office + itally... add 3/4 minutes to it and keep it forever. I had to watch a video to see how it ends and it is even cooler than I had thought. Too bad I could not finish it myself. The only drawback is that bots don't leave the spawn so auto tele + no block would make this map even better. Even so.. this map is a must.)*

112. ze_stargate_escape_[zh_fix] ( This is a huge map and despite having some good traps it would be boring with the traffic we have nowadays)*

113. ze_stargate_escape_v7 ( To be kept aside for the time being)

114. ze_surf_facility_v3_pre2_v34ph ( This map needs a time fix and spawn kill removed.. it's worth every minute of fixing on it, with this map we had about 5 players already joined to play.. for sure worth keeping and fixing. I highly recommend it to be fixed and added.)

115. ze_tesv_skyrim_v34fixed ( It took ages to download, also the auto-teleportation is screwing up the map.. it keeps auto-teleporting humans and zombies altogether which makes the game boring and irritating as hell. But the map itself it seem interesting. I say to keep it aside at the moment and don't think of adding it)

116. ze_thelostworld_redux ( This map used to be fun in the old times, now I think it would be a traffic killer for sure. Don't add it for now)

117. ze_tilex_escape ( Boring escape, it's just weird)

118. ze_titanic_escape_v2_2 ( Boring one, to be deleted. Only playable for one round only.)

119. ze_trainescape_b3 ( This one I wasn't able to play at the moment as the server kept sampling walkable space for bots, it's old and fun as I recall, if I can remember right.. it needs a no-block enabled. Not sure if it needs a time fix currently. I think this one should be added with fixing all what I mentioned)

120. ze_trainescape_final ( Fun, simple, short as always. It's worth keeping and adding for sure. Nothing needs to be fixed about this one at all. Ready to add)

121. ze_tv_station_v2 ( Not bad and not that good either. I think it's worth adding.. at least it's playable as being short and simple. Nothing needs to be fixed about as it can be escaped within 5 minutes only)

122. ze_umbrella_hq_b8 ( Sort of boring map and feels unoriginal at all. For now don't add it, just keep it aside)
123. ze_underasd_escape_beta5 ( This one it kinda of seems weird and interesting at the same time.. although there's a thing that needs to be fixed about it. At some point of the map escaping path.. there are trucks with a glass barrier ahead of it, it won't break unless the trucks start moving and the trucks won't start with humans.. there has to be a zombie along with the humans for it to start, which is kinda of weird. Also it needs a time fix, considering there are far more other fun maps to fix.. I don't think it's worth time being spent on it, but whenever it's possible it is best kept aside for now.)

124. ze_underground_escape_[zh_fix] ( Don't add this one.. reason stated below )

125. ze_underground_escape_v2 ( This is the version of this map that should be actually added.. it got the time fixed and all. It's fun to play it though. Nothing needs to be fixed about it)

126. ze_underpass_finl_fixed2 ( This map is too dark, also it needs a time fix. I think this map is best kept aside for now.. it's kinda of boring. I don't recommend getting it added at the time being)

127. ze_volcano_fix ( Weird map, the map as a whole isn't worth keeping. Long and boring one. To be deleted)

128. ze_voodoo_islands_v7 ( Not a bad map, it's fun to play and it is different, the only withdrawal is the no-block has to be enabled in it. Without no-block it's kinda unplayable.. as humans and zombies keep getting teleported over different places to survive in it there getting stuck.. sometimes !zstuck do its job, but mostly it doesn't)

129. ze_xblah_sito_b2a ( Simple, short and fun even with few numbers. To be added for sure. Nothing needs to be fixed about it)

130. ze_zombierig_v4_3_fix ( Good map, different. Only issue is the no-block has to be enabled as zombies get auto-teleportation. Other than it's sort of a fun to play.. with different difficulties which changes with every win of humans. Also I was barely able to finish it off on the last few seconds. Overall it's fun.)

131. ze_zstatic_v1_b ( Old map, not a bad one..not that big. Anyway it needs a time fix -I reached the end to nuke it around 0:10, then it gave a message in console to defend for 90 secs, so yeah- also it needs a no-block as zombie gets teleported altogether. If these things could be fixed, it should be added)

    These are the escape maps that are on the server at the moment: ( I will be adding my opinion next to each to inform you which ones that are actually traffic killers and which needs time fix if you consider adding them to any other servers )

    RED=To be removed ( Kept aside or to be deleted. I will be stating that in whatever I write next to the map name)
    ORANGE=Needs fixing ( In case you consider adding these maps, there are things that needs to be fixed at first.
    Either time fix, no-block enabled all the time OR volume fix of the music being played)
    Underlined ORANGE=Map is the most important to be fixed among many others
    GREEN=To be added as it is

    P.S. You will be seeing few with two colors combined, it means I wasn't able to decide between them.
    P.S.S. If there's a " * " at the end of the opinion given next to a map name, then it means this belongs to "The Watcher".

    1. ze_13_V2_fix ( it's not the finest map, it has a quick spawn killer.. whenever a zombie thinks of teleporting it would take him to the spawn area in which resulting in death. Also it's kinda of weird and boring )

    2. ze_2012_ ( Both of the 2012 maps are traffic killers.. it just take ages to escape when you are a zombie going through all of the barriers. Such a map requires much more number of players, with this current low numbers it's almost impossible to escape not even for a little amount of time)

    3. ze_2012beta5 ( as above )

    4. ze_amko_escape_v1337_fix ( This map is actually kinda good, but it requires good amount of players especially to kill the robot beast in almost the ending of it, with low number of players it would be kinda hard to kill it. Overall I think it's worth keeping, but you need to consider the no-block to be activated on this map cause of the auto-teleport thingy it gets all zombie stuck together and one player killing all of them with a nade or two would make players hate the map due to not being able to finish it up. Also fix the time limit in this one, otherwise it's kinda hard to finish it up as well.. five minutes aren't enough to escape it especially with the beast )

    5. ze_apertureescience_final2 ( not a bad map, but in my opinion it's a traffic killer due to it takes a lot of time to escape in which resulting it making it boring. Also this one if ever gets added on any other server it needs a time fix -5 minutes current escape time which is way too low for it-  IT IS A TRAFFIC killer )

    6. ze_apollo_beta ( This map is huge and kinda boring to escape, it is basically a traffic killer )

    7. ze_atix_helicopter_se ( Everything is just fine with it )

    8. ze_aztec_temple_v5c_fix ( Kinda boring and nothing is interesting about it at all, I would say it's a traffic killer for sure. Not to mention it needs a time fix, otherwise it wouldn't be possible at all to reach the end of it at all )

    9. ze_biohazard2_sewer_v4c_fix2 ( I was not able to download it to begin with, even though it took ages to download and it still failed to download it completely. That's gotta tell you something about it)

    10. ze_biohazard_v2b_004 ( This one is huge and kinda hard to escape it in time, in my opinion.. back then it used to be fun with a decent amount of players, now it would be boring and traffic killer with this much of players.. I would say it's shouldn't be added to any servers at all )

    11. ze_blackmesa_escape_final ( Not a bad map, it's good.. got the whole package, short, simple, yet fun to play and fair for both zombies and human. There's no need for anything to be fixed about this one. The time is good and enough to escape )

    12.ze_bp-infested-prison_b1a_fix ( Not a bad map, also got the whole package of being short, simple, yet fun to play and kinda fun for all. Nothing needs to be fixed about this one as well)

    13. ze_breakable_v1_5_fix ( Not a bad map, a bit long to escape, but still good and fun. The only withdraw is no-block has to be activated on this one, otherwise people would leave whenever they get stuck on auto-teleportation thingy for zombies, !zstuck sometimes do the job and most of the times it doesn't. If the no-block can't be activated then it's a TRAFFIC KILLER for sure.)

    14. ze_chicken_lords_tower_b2 ( This one is kinda weird map, even though it's not that bad overall, it's short and simple in my opinion. It only needs a time fix for it, otherwise it can't be finished at all -Unless you slap yourself all the way to the top and win the round as I did ;)- )

    15. ze_crashbandicoot_beta_final ( Good map, the thing about it, it has even levels whenever the humans finish up each level they go to the next. It got two levels with different difficulties, getting harder whenever humans win it. Overall it's fun to play, but kinda long to escape somehow. The only withdraw in my opinion is no-block has to be activated on this map as well, cause there's an auto-teleportation activated)
    16. ze_death_star_escape_v3 ( Worth keeping forever, this map is cool. I can't recall what is the difference between this version and the one below that was edited by urban legend. Anyway nothing needs to be fixed about it so far. )

    17. ze_death_star_escape_zh ( It's cool)

    18. ze_doom_wad_bv4_fix ( This map is cool, the thing about it, it's huge. The time needs to be fixed on this cause 5 mins won't be enough at all. Add to that no-block has to be activated as well. Overall, I don't think this map is worth keeping with the amount of players we get nowadays.. it's a traffic killer for sure )

    19. ze_echo_boatescape_extended ( Worth keeping, simple, short and fun for all. I prefer this one over the other version boatescape_remix something like that.. this one is more fun in overall )

    20. ze_elevator_escape_v6 ( Just delete it without any regrets, it's a traffic killer for sure. Everything about it is kinda dumb.. not fun at all to escape. Especially considering the end of it is dumb as hell. )

    21. ze_endless_v34 ( It is boring, nothing is interesting about it as much in my opinion. Needs a time fix as well, in case you decided to keep it. It's a traffic killer for sure )

    22. ze_eruption_escape_v4_2_fix ( I was not able to download it, I tried everything.. I even used the older zhcss client 2.0.0 and still wasn't able to do so )

    23. ze_escape_cliff ( This one is huge and boring as hell to escape. It has time issue. I don't think it's worth keeping at all in my opinion. )

    24. ze_fapescape_b4_1_fixed ( This one is cool -it got ghostbusters song :D- I think it's worth keeping if no-block thingy is being enabled in it.. it will bring traffic for sure. Like I said the only withdrawal about it is that zombies and even human being afk gets teleported therefore getting stuck and not being able to do anything.. anyone with a grenade would end the round.. making it boring. No-Block is a must in this one. Besides that.. this is one of my favorites)

    25. ze_fear extended_v1a ( It used to be a good map back then, nowadays I think it's some sort of boring and traffic killer for sure.. even after valve updates I recall people leaving whenever this map comes on. I don't think it's worth keeping anymore. )

    26. ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_f ( This map is freaking weird, not to mention it took ages to download it. Also it has the no-block issue as there's auto-teleportation. Not worth keeping for sure )

    27. ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3_f2 ( As above )

    28. ze_ffxii_paramina_rift_v1_3f2 ( It took big time to download it as well, yet it wasn't able up to finish up the download. I don't think much players will wait for this long for it not to get downloaded after all. Traffic killer for sure. )

    29. ze_ffxii_westersand_v7_2fix  ( all of these maps name starting with ff isn't worth keeping at all. I wasn't able to download this one as well, even though I kept waiting for like 20 mins already. Another traffic killer for sure. )

    30. ze_floating_house_nav72 ( Not a bad map, it's a good old map. Short, simple and fun to escape.. feels more like atix. I like it, I think it's worth keeping for sure. )

    31. ze_forestbunkers_v2_fix ( This isn't a good map at all.. it just sucks. Not to mention being huge and boring. )

    32. ze_forgotten_facility ( It is interesting, but I wasn't able to finish due to its spawn killing. No-block has to be added on it. )

    33. ze_gameshow_v2_3_fix ( It's fun to play and different considering there's a levels to pick from. Although ZHCSS kept crashing on this map, not sure if it's because of it or what. Also this map without No-block isn't playable at all, cause after level pick everyone gets teleported, humans and zombies altogether. Therefore resulting in them being stuck and in that case !zstuck won't do anything considering there are bots. )
    34. ze_gibletz_establishment_b6 ( Not bad, it's fun to play. Although no-block has to be enabled as well, even though it's only needed for around the ending of the escape when all of the zombies gets teleported to a nearby location of the nuke base. Also at some point it gets boring due to being a bit long to escape -the time frame to finish it is 8 and a half minutes- so yeah. )

    35. ze_gods_wrath ( The time is fixed by the map, the only issue with this one is the no-block. It has to be activated as there's an auto-teleportation for zombies. While playing this map, many players started to leave, it seems they don't like it as much and others even tried to RockTheVote as well. It has a few glitches as well. I'm not sure about keeping such a map.. even though it's cool. But it could be a traffic killer.)

    36. ze_greece_escape ( It's kinda dumb to escape in such a map. Even though it looks good, but it isn't at all. Also the time needs a fix, in my opinion don't even bother fixing anything about it. Just delete it. Not to mention there's some issues related to the fps in this map, it keeps screwing it up and down )

    37. ze_haunted_lab ( It's kinda boring to escape in my opinion and not fun at all. )

    38. ze_haunted_lab_escape_fix ( as above )

    39. ze_hazard_escape_sc_i3d_v3c ( This one also has fps related issues.. at some point it just makes my fps go way down to 50-40 for some reason. It's kinda big and boring to escape. Not worth keeping.)

    40. ze_hdr_oil_tanker_v2 ( Despite being small, it's a boring map and the second force field seems to be glitchy since it opened automaticaly in the first rounds, but all of a sudden it wasn't opening anymore and we were stuck behind it)*

    41. ze_hostpital_escape_b1a ( It's a perfect office-style map, it is small, has places to barricade and the 5 minutes are more than enough for us to finish it.. this map is a must)*

    42. ze_inboxed_v1_4_fix (It's good, but weird (ze_gods_wrath style). Most players don't seem to like this kind of map which turns this map into a potential traffic killer. There are no places for us to barricade and it needs a time fix)*

    43. ze_indiana_jones_c_004 ( Despite being a huge map it's good.. It even has places for camping. BUT when the spawn kill is triggered CT's win, even if there is a zombie alive.. and that's why it was impossible for this map to be finished. The other thing is that the only 1-2 bot out of 8 will manage to leave the spawn so auto teleportation with no-block enabled would be a must.)*

    44. ze_indiana_jones_zh ( This one is just like the c_004 version but better, without the spawn killing to screw it up. Despite huge incomparison to office_v7 for example it's much fun to play it, the map has good traps.. Other players seemed to like it as well since they kept playing along with me and even wanted to extend map. The 8 minutes are more than enough but, just as the one above, bots will barely leave the spawn so auto teleportation with no-block enabled would be a very good idea. I believe it's worth keeping though.)*

    45. ze_industrial_dejavu_v3_3_2f ( This map is boring, we just keep circling around the same place over and over, only the objects change. Also people will get stuck because the map teleports everybody at once. Other people thought the same because everyone left during this map.)*

    46. ze_infected_sewers_v2_1c_v34 ( It's certainly good for escape mod but I don't think it would be a good idea to put in the server 1 or 2. It's not that huge but it will certainly get boring after a round or 2.)*

    47. ze_infected_tramway_v1_1_fix ( Same thing as the map above. The difference is that the time isn't enough for us to finish the map.)*

    48. ze_jurassicpart_escape_v3f ( It's a small map, has places to camp while waiting but, the ending is nonsense, I waited 1:30 minutes for the helicopter and it never showed up. Also the bots don't leave the spawn so we'd need a good amount of players to really enjoy the map or at least auto teleportation with no-block enabled.)*

    49. ze_jurassicapark_v2 ( It's much better than the v3f. Not a huge map since it can be finished in less than five minutes -the chopper actually shows up- it is possible to camp and the truck makes the game even more interesting since it can be a game changer for any of the teams. However, just as the one above, the bots don't leave the spawn at all so we'd need a considerable amount of players to really enjoy the map or at least auto teleportation with no-block enabled so you may wanna consider it.)*

    50. ze_jurassicpark_v3_[zh_fix2] (Same as above)*

    51. ze_licciana_escape_v2 (The map is medium in size, has very good traps, it's possible to camp and nothing really happens at the ending. It would be an interesting map for server 1 and 2 and its traps would make it funny, but we'd need a considerable amount of players because the bots don't leave the spawn so it'd be cool to have auto tele plus no-block.)*

    52. ze_lila_panic_v3_1fix_ru (This map is trully amazing, Its not huge, it has levels, and we can trigger a secret that allows us to change the server music as we click.. really every time we click the console plays another song, but no-block is a must, it was easy for me to keep up with what was going on but the messages from the console are in Russian and many people may have trouble with it, plus there is a bear with a dildo as a boss and I could not kill it by myself.. which means a considerable amount of players will be needed in order to kill him:
    If those issues were dealt with it would be a great addtion to servers 1 and 2.)*

    53. ze_lotr_helms_deep_v3_3 ( This one used to be a lot of fun to play back then, but considering the number of players we get nowadays.. I'm pretty sure they will get bored as whoever kills the bot zombies with a grenade while stuck altogether it will end the round over and over.. resulting in traffic kill for sure. Even if no-block is enabled it needs more than like 15 players to make this map playable at least. I would say keep it aside just in case, but at the current time don't add it.)

    54. ze_lotr_minas_tiret_v4_2_fix ( Delete it without any regrets, it kept disconnecting me and giving this message: Disconnect: ERROR! Reliable snaphsot overflow..)

    55. ze_lotr_minest_of_moria_v4_5 ( I think all of lotr maps should be kept aside and not added at the current time due to low traffic that we intend to rise it more. I think such a maps won't help with traffic as much at least for now. Even though I do like them, but ever since valve shitty update, these maps became a traffic kill for sure.. many just kept leaving whenever such a map comes on.)

    56. ze_lotr_mount_doom_v2_3f ( Read above )

    57. ze_mario_tower_v4 ( This one is good, but considering we care about traffic. This one is huge, I'm sure many will get bored.. at least I did playing it for sometime. Add to that it needs a time fix.. for a map this big it needs more than 5 minutes to finish. To keep it or not.. I'm not sure. )

    58. ze_military_escape ( The only thing is good about this one is that it got a huge spawn *cough* Camping *cough*. It's boring to escape, nothing interesting about it at all. I think this should be deleted in my opinion.)

    59. ze_minecraft_adventure_v1_2old ( This one is fun to play and it is interesting, actually when I changed the map to this about 4-5 players joined but it took sometime of them to join due to its big size kinda -76 MB-. But the map main issue is the no-block has to be enabled as there's an auto-teleportation in it, as the rest of maps anyone with a grenade killing all zombie bots that are stuck together already would end the game.. so yeah possible traffic killer without no-block. Also it needs a time fix, the escape route can't be finished in 5 mins, I tried rushing and everything, it just wasn't possible to do so. I think it's worth to keep if all of its issues get fixed, it's different!)[/list]

    Maps / Re: [MAP] [ZM-CS-DM-GG]_Act1_beta
    « on: November 11, 2018, 02:20:17 PM »
    This map is awesome, I love every bit of it.. all the detailed graphics, textures.. everything ( including the weed growing pots :D ). I would rather take a walk in the map all by myself to enjoy it as it is.

    Besides that, the only thing I would suggest is to take into consideration the spawn spots.. if you could make different spawn area for each mod it would be perfect, especially the DeathMatch try to make as much as you can more spawn areas.

    Reports / Re: Reporting "xCyraxVz"
    « on: November 03, 2018, 12:54:33 AM »
    I guess he didn't deserve the chance I gave him after all. He will be banned on sight.

    Donations / Re: Server Bill Due On The 26th Of Every Month
    « on: October 29, 2018, 05:56:53 PM »
    Thanks to everyone who contributed to keep Hideout Gaming alive.. special thanks to NS and el pinguino.

    I'm not gonna post an excuse or something.. I'm just going to say I'm having a difficult times at the moment.

    Anyone donated your help will never be forgotten for keeping such a fun and fair servers alive.

    Donations / Re: $ 37 to complete the month
    « on: October 29, 2018, 05:48:34 PM »
    Thanks a lot "el pinguino" your help is much appreciated to keep such an awesome servers alive.

    It's not a bad idea, I'm sure Cadi would love to add more versions.. just bring the download links for any of it that can actually work just fine on v34 CSS. Otherwise it would take a lot of effort and time to do the compiling work.

    At the moment he is busy with too many things, but I'm sure at some point he will check your suggestions whenever he manages to find the time for it.

    Donations / Re: My Donation :D ($5)
    « on: October 22, 2018, 08:47:44 PM »
    Thanks a lot bond for the support. I hope others donate as well because in a few days the servers might go down for lack of donations, I'm not sure if people that play on the server does actually understand how serious this is.

    Fun and Humour / Re: Browsing for Songs
    « on: October 22, 2018, 12:46:32 PM » me she is the only singer that you would actually love every song of her.

    Donations / Re: Server Bill Due On The 26th Of Every Month
    « on: October 18, 2018, 06:11:39 AM »
    Just a reminder...

    Ban Appeals / Re: ban without reason
    « on: October 17, 2018, 01:57:59 AM »
    I'm not gonna post anything for you, you are basically not worthy of going through all the trouble and upload the demo for you. You know what you did.. playing a smart-ass won't help you at all. Better think again before toggling something.

    You were using silent aimbot + wallhack. I saw it, watcher saw it as well. You are banned, that's it. It's our word against your word.

    General Discussion / Re: MY ACOUNT
    « on: October 10, 2018, 02:36:17 PM »
    I'm working on it. It is most likely takumi= exper = moped that has been stealing your ID. He has been banned from two servers so far without doing any harm regarding your steam ID.

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