Author Topic: [Suggestion] Removing [Dumbass] bots when there are a lot of players  (Read 726 times)

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It's me again.

I have been playing on your hideout servers for quite a while now, and they are pretty awesome.
But one flaw I found was that when there are a lot of players in the game, the bots give massive disadvantage to one of the teams(most of the time Terrorist).
Another downside is that they take up the player slots up, and they prevent actual players from entering the game when the server is full.

So I was wondering if the bots could be removed since the DM server is nearly full 24/7.

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Yeah i get the same problem when CSS svr or DM or GG svr gets full even with bots.
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I updated the server configs recently and bot helper was disabled. It's enabled now.
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Thanks! This server has the best support team that I've ever encountered :D


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