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    Thread: hey

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      My status status.
      I have no Mood...
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      Hi guys, how's it going?

      It's been a while and uh there's a lot to say I guess but I rather keep it short. Last time I was here I was a total asshole, fair enough that was literally years ago but now that it seems I can talk again I'd like to start by saying sorry.

      Now, every now and then my mind takes me back to the times where I didn't have to worry about real life problems you know the drill... work schedules, college, car insurance, therapy, girlfriend... w/e, and I can't help but remember this place, the first place where I made a name for myself, met great people and where I was allowed to be someone and carry (what I considered to be) a big responsability. Day and night I'd keep vigilant and I don't regret a single minute of it. And for this I'm grateful. So just wanted to say thank you guys and especially thank you Cadi and Booglie, thank you both for providing a great place to have fun and forget about stuff for a while.

      The sole fact that you are still running is praiseworthy, I salute you Zombie Hideout.

      There's a big chance I won't be replying any time soon so you could say I just came here to sort things out and speak my mind out

      Thanks again

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      Cadi  (02-26-2020),F1re  (02-23-2020)

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      Zombie Hideout Janitor
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      It's good see you again, even if it's for a short time. I'm sure all of us would like to go to a simpler time where we could just hang out and have a good ol' time like in the old days but that's just how life is.

      If you're ever around to play some games, hit me up on steam (pretty sure I have you as a friend, I'm RocketSnails). There's a couple of us on discord who play on ZH and a few others games like TF2, sc2, gmod etc when we can.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by here. Always nice to see some older faces.

      Take care.

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      F1re  (02-23-2020),The Old VIEJO  (02-22-2020)

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      Yo Viejo great to see you again my man, it's been a hellass long time. Do hit Soldier up sometime so we can get in touch again through the said Discord!
      Former Hideout Raiders member.
      Soldier-X is the best.



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