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      My status status.
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      Solution: No demos or screenshots?

      Well, this only happens when the player has the NO STEAM version of the Counter-Strike. When the player runs the game, he is not running it as an administrator. For this reason, the files are not saved in the Program Files folder, because the game does not have permission to save things there.

      This started to happen since the release of Windows Vista, because from that point on, security was improved so that programs and applications that don't have enough permissions can't write in the important system folders. As CS is an older game, it doesn't have a way to skip this (keep in mind that we are talking about NO STEAM, since the Steam version does allow to save writing as it is newer and associated to the platform).

      Now, if the files can't be saved in the system folder, how the hell does the program save information? Well, Windows assigns a virtual directory to the programs so they can save there without affecting the other files. It's like a protected folder.

      All the demos you record, as well as the captures, which you say are not saved, do. Not in the original cstrike folder, but in a virtual directory. To enter the directory we have to go to the following address:

      %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Program Files

      To enter just press Windows+R, paste that and hit Enter.
      There we will see a folder called "Program Files" or similar, depending on your operating system version and language. Enter that folder, and you'll see the folder "Valve", "Counter-Strike 1.6" or the name you gave it when you installed the game. Then they go to cstrike o cstrike_spanish and...

      CHAN CHAN! It's all there!
      Did you see it? Nothing was ever lost :3

      In order to make the demos and screenshots save where they always are, so we avoid having two files and getting confused where we have to edit and paste each thing, just run the Counter-Strike as administrator.

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      Very helpful, thank you. You should be able to avoid this by installing your CSS directly to your C: drive or a game drive/partition.



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