【DeathDealer】Black Reaper STEAM_0:0:599848637 Griefing 3 d
【DeathDealer】Black Reaper STEAM_0:0:599848637 Avoiding Ban 7 d
【Vikings™】 Thorfinn STEAM_0:0:599848637 Admin disrespect 1 h
【Vikings™】 Thorfinn STEAM_0:0:599848637 Offensive name 3 d
【Vikings™】 Thorfinn STEAM_0:0:599848637 Inappropriate Language & Breaking Server rules 7 d
【Vikings™】 Thorfinn STEAM_0:0:599848637 Avoiding ban & Offensive name Permanent


Before recording this demo, the child begins to annoy me, insults me and then leaves the server to avoid being penalized. I started recording a demo because the guy started blocking others, he started blocking me and flashing me (registered in the demo), after throwing a flash at me, he quickly exits to avoid being punished. Later I gave him his respective ban.!Aj-IHlQtdwfKqhxh...f9nfw?e=XqCIq3

The guy out of nowhere starts insulting me, it has always been like this, I started to ignore him for a few weeks to avoid getting into more conflict, but this boy likes sanctions:

It should be noted that I have muted it several times during this year, but of course, the child does not care

I appreciate the compliment, but if I am the worst admin, he is the gold medal for being toxic, abusive, bad loser in games, etc.

I gave him a mute, then every time he put on an offensive name, I changed it and gave him a slay. When he became more toxic, I started kicking him, then they gave him a short time. He came back and started with the same shit, they gave him more time, then he followed with the same shit and I applied 7 days ban

Taking into account that the guy who always sees me, always bothers me (although I always ignore him), and also that it is not the first time that he does it and it is not the first time that I give him ban, permanent on all servers. Said player already has me bored with the shit of bothering me every moment, I gave him several opportunities and tried to make passes with him, but the guy has a certain lack of gray matter that does not make him analyze.

I only got a few tests from previous bans as I have removed lots of screenshots and demos to free up space in my cloud.

PD: The more than 20,000 points that this guy has, has been made by going to the team that is winning when his is losing, as I said, a bad loser .